PS Plus Members Can Preorder Ghostwire: Tokyo At A Discount


For a limited time, PS Plus subscribers can get 10% off Ghostwire: Tokyo when they preorder the game digitally on the PlayStation Store. bringing the price down to $54 ($60). It’s not a huge discount, but saving a few bucks is always nice, especially on a new game. The offer is valid until March 24 at 8:59 PM PT / 11:59 PM ET.

Obviously, the PlayStation Plus offer only applies to the standard, digital version of the game on PlayStation 5, but PC players can preorder Ghostwire: Tokyo on Steam as well, and those who want a physical PS5 copy can grab one from several retailers. Check our Ghostwire: Tokyo preorder guide for more information on where to buy, including a look at the Digital Deluxe edition and the various preorder bonuses available for all versions.

If you’re not sure what Ghostwire: Tokyo’s all about, it’s a first-person action game from Tango Gameworks, the development studio founded by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, and previously responsible for The Evil Within Duology. Ghostwire: Tokyo is set in a modern-day Tokyo where most of the citizens have vanished following strange supernatural events, and now ghosts and demons roam the abandoned streets. While the game’s setting pulls from classic Japanese folklore and ghost stories, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a more action-focused game than the survival horror titles the development team is previously known for. GameSpot’s Jean-Luc Seipke recently got a 5-hour hands-on preview with Ghostwire: Tokyo and came away with high-hopes for the upcoming supernatural-tinged action game.

While the Xbox-owned Bethesda is publishing Ghostwire: Tokyo, the game launches as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive on March 25. The exclusivity deal lasts for a year, so it's possible the game could release on Xbox next year.

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