One Of The Coolest Games Of The Year So Far Is On Sale


OlliOlli World just launched in February, but several big discounts are already available for the well-reviewed game. Head over to the Switch eShop before March 27, and you'll find the game on sale for just $24, down from $30. While the game feels right at home on Switch, OlliOlli World is also on sale for PS5/PS4 and PC, which is seeing the largest discount.

OlliOlli World

$21+ (was $30)

In addition to the eShop discount, you can swing over to the PlayStation Store and grab the skateboarding game for $23--a discount that runs until March 24. PC players can get a Steam key at Green Man Gaming for just $21. The PC version unsurprisingly requires a controller, but you have the added freedom of picking your favorite gamepad.

OlliOlli World takes the fast-paced platforming the series is known for and throws you into the world of Radlandia. Here, you'll have the option to customize a character as you see fit before taking on dozens of challenges and mastering more than 100 moves. It’s a deceptively difficult title, although both fans of the series and newcomers alike will find plenty to love about its quirky skating paradise.

Switch eShop Green Man Gaming PlayStation Store

Our OlliOlli World review gave the fun title a 9/10, giving particular note to its "chill atmosphere" that's easy to get lost in for hours.

"Its controls feel great, its art style is gorgeous, and its characters are light and fun," critic Phil Hornshaw said. "It's a game that will push you to be the most ridiculously skilled skater you can be, or just let you spend some time in its world for a bit. Either way, it's easy for hours to evaporate as you rattle off tricks and snag sick grinds. That seems like a perfect conception of skateboarding to me."

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